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search inside CD in title

Search Inside Zip Files Software Find files within zip files by specifying the filename.
Size: 2.57MB
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search find Finder find file find zip files  
CD Cover Search KaReL's CD Cover Search searches the internet for that lost cover. KaReL's CD Cover Search will perform this task with the greatest of ease.
Size: 1000 KB
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create cd cover design dvd cover resize cover cover  
Word Search Deluxe download and CD **** Price below includes the $4.95 CD shipping and handling fee! ****Thousands of...
Size: 1000 KB
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Subject Search Scanner CD Edition Adds full-text search to CD-ROM contents
Size: 2.17 MB
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access scanner Text Search search text search inside CD  
Search Maker Pro - CD/DVD Distribution License
Size: -
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Firefox Super Search - People Search & Web Search Toolbar Numerous search engines within a single Firefox toolbar
Size: 24 KB
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search find search engine toolbar firefox toolbar  

search inside CD in tags

CDMan An application that catalogues your CD Collection and searches based on wat is on the CD, where you've kept it etc.
Size: 677 KB
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search catalog cd collection Cataloguer catalogue CD  
ASTAware SearchDisc Add search capabilities to your CD-ROM, DVD or CD collection using this Java-based search engine tool.
Size: 16.84MB
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cd collection search engine collection search inside CD  
Another Compact Disk Catalog Another Compact Disk Catalog can help you organise your CD collection. You can browse through your CD's without having to insert them, and search for files with a powerful search mechanism. You can al
Size: 613K
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cd collection Browse Video Collection Insert CD cd insert  
Grep File Search Grep File Search will allow you to search for a certain text inside any number of files in a given folder on your computer
Size: 152 KB
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searcher find Search File Finder file search grep internet  
Quick Search Bar Search faster using the Quick Search Bar addon
Size: 42.48K
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extension Firefox extension search engine bar button  
Wordware CD Player for Word A Complete CD Player inside Word
Size: 542.5 KB
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CD player CD player portable CD player search inside CD  

search inside CD in description

Zip Search 1.00 As the name suggests this program is for searching inside zips. Windows find will search for text inside files but this fails more often than not when the text is zipped. This program will do a text s...
Size: 207 KB
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DizzyDiff It will optionally search inside ID3 version 1 tags of MP3 files and even inside textfiles. For example a search for "Tear of the shark" will also return a file named "Fear of the dark" as an 87.3% ma...
Size: 127 KB
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search locate Search File filename similar filenames  
ADSS CD Base If you have some archives or backups, or just have a lot of music on your HDD and want to search easy inside MP3 tags, you need it. The program creates thumbnails for your images.
Size: 199.73K
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ID3 tag Finder thumbnail thumbnail creator CD Database  
iceCDInfo Do you only remember the path or part of it ? No problem, by choosing "search in Path" you will get all the files under corresponding directories. Do you have hundreds of CD's ? And the only thing you...
Size: 9.9 MB
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CD search organize cd collection CD Organizer  
MegaXS CD Searcher MegaXS CD searcher 1.0 allows you to search any doc, html, txt files recorded on CD in only 1-5 seconds. The MegaXS uses ***** ZDNet rated search engine Sledopyt (TM) by MediaLingua! MegaXS has user-f...
Size: Evaluation
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DOC Searcher search inside CD  
CD Control Plugin The CD Control True Launch Bar plugin was developed to be a small tool that shows if there is a CD / DVD inside your CDROM / DVDROM. If you click on button CD will be ejected or injected. Plugin suppo...
Size: 290 KB
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plugin control search inside CD CDROM audio CDROM